Emmy winner Aaron Sorkin faces arraignment April 30
Aaron Sorkin
Credit: Aaron Sorkin: Mark J. Terrell/AP

While ”West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin awaits arraignment on drug possession charges April 30, more details about his arrest at a Burbank, Calif., airport last Sunday night have come to light. Sergeant Tom Davenport of the Burbank Airport Police, tells EW.com that Sorkin’s carry on bag contained, in addition to hallucinogenic mushrooms, ”a smoking pipe, a small quantity of marijuana, and some other items.” The contents of the pipe are currently being tested to determine if other illegal substances were present.

Airport security began searching the Las Vegas bound Sorkin’s luggage after they were unable to identify certain items on a X ray machine. Davenport confirms reports that the Emmy winning writer / producer briefly fainted when authorities were called over to identify the items. Following his detention by the Burbank Airport Police, Sorkin, who has been candid about his past battles with cocaine abuse, was taken immediately to the Burbank jail, where he was detained for three hours and then released on $10,000 bail.

What’s next? If the Burbank city attorney charges Sorkin, 40, with a misdemeanor, it’s possible he’ll be eligible for a drug treatment program for first time offenders. Sorkin’s spokeswoman had no comment.