Don't fall prey to the Diddiocy

By EW Staff
April 25, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Elizabeth Hurley: Alec Michael/Globe Photos

by Adam Bluestein and I.W. Nicholson

BRIDGET STONE (n.) Unit of weight equal to that which an American actress must gain to play an average British working girl

HANNA-BARBERIAN (n.) One who believes that what we really need is another film based on a decades old TV cartoon

BOMBCAT (n.) A can’t miss frat boy flick that, implants be damned, falls flat in theaters

JERRI-RIG (v.) To boost one’s acting career by playing ”the bitch” in a popular reality TV show

DIDDIOCY (n.) An inability to recognize when it?s time to step out of the spotlight

HURLEY-BURLY (n.) Competition among starlets (e.g., Liz Hurley, Jennifer Lopez, Pam Anderson) to show the most décolletage