Elizabeth Hurley: Alec Michael/Globe Photos
April 25, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

by Adam Bluestein and I.W. Nicholson

BRIDGET STONE (n.) Unit of weight equal to that which an American actress must gain to play an average British working girl

HANNA-BARBERIAN (n.) One who believes that what we really need is another film based on a decades old TV cartoon

BOMBCAT (n.) A can’t miss frat boy flick that, implants be damned, falls flat in theaters

JERRI-RIG (v.) To boost one’s acting career by playing ”the bitch” in a popular reality TV show

DIDDIOCY (n.) An inability to recognize when it?s time to step out of the spotlight

HURLEY-BURLY (n.) Competition among starlets (e.g., Liz Hurley, Jennifer Lopez, Pam Anderson) to show the most décolletage

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