By EW Staff
April 20, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Evolution: Murray Close
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David Duchovny just can’t shake those otherworldly beings. In the latest high concept, F/X filled comedy from ”Ghostbusters” director Reitman, a meteor slams into Earth and introduces an organism that rapidly develops into a species bent on world domination. The ”X-Files” star — along with Jones, Moore, and Scott — tries to stop it. ”If I had my way, it wouldn’t have anything to do with aliens,” says Duchovny. ”But it was Ivan’s movie. I wanted to work with him. It just happened to be about aliens.”

A potential franchise for DreamWorks (a cartoon spinoff is already in development), ”Evolution” also features an E.T. menagerie that’s rife with toy prospects: worms, ”triphibians,” primates, and monster birds. But the most evolved creature may be the script. Originally conceived as a sci fi/ horror project, the screenplay, Reitman says, went through ”20 incarnations” on the way to becoming a comedy. ”There are three or four major scenes where the humor revolves around the ass,” notes Duchovny, adding that he and Jones contributed to the joke gene pool with constant ad libbing. Confirms Jones: ”I just go for it, and [Reitman] will say, ‘Try something else.”’ ”Or,” chuckles Duchovny, ”’That was terrible.”’