Plus, Andy Dick plans Andrew Taylor mockumentary, and more

By Lynette Rice
Updated April 20, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Dawson's Creek: Fred Norris

CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS It’s graduation day at Capeside High on May 16, which means producers of the WB’s ”Dawson’s Creek” will have to find a way to keep Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen together without making it seem like the fourth season of ”Beverly Hills, 90210,” when most of the Hillsters ended up enrolling in California U. ”We did not want to suddenly have a world class university materialize right down the street from Capeside where they magically all decide to attend college,” says executive producer Paul Stupin.

”It’s been very important to Dawson and Joey and others to get out of Capeside when they [go to college]. We’re going to be true to that ambition.” Since production’s expected to remain in North Carolina for financial reasons and ”to keep that sense of East Coast tradition and beauty,” says Stupin, expect most of the graduates to end up in the ”Boston area,” with two of the characters attending the same college (producers won’t divulge which one) and Joey (Katie Holmes) opting for a different institution. It’s unlikely Pacey will take the scholastic route, but Dawson may have to decide whether or not to attend a West Coast film school.

Whatever the final destination, producers won’t let a little distance get in the way of Dawson and Joey’s on again, off again love affair. ”Fate may take them in different directions, but it’s ultimately quite possible the relationship will survive,” Stupin hints. Maybe Dawson will install a ladder in his dorm room window.

FROCK STAR Andy Dick…fashion maven? You better believe it. The star of his own sketch series on MTV is currently writing a movie for sister network VH1 that will feature one of his freakier creations: the flamboyant, megalomaniacal style guru Andrew Taylor (who has appeared in several short films that have aired on VH1 awards shows). ”He’s just so delightfully obnoxious,” says Dick, who’ll also direct the movie. ”I’m doing a pretty straightforward parody of a documentary about a fashion designer, much like ‘Unzipped’ with Isaac Mizrahi. It starts with his fall collection, and by the spring collection, he’s practically washed up.” –Dan Snierson

AND SO ON… Is the Nuge on Fox’s payroll? Rocker Ted Nugent will appear in upcoming episodes of ”That ’70s Show” and the new college comedy ”Undeclared.” On ”’70s” (May 15), Donna (Laura Prepon) scores a backstage pass to Nugent’s concert, and the rocker will also play himself on ”Undeclared” (no date set).

The sitcom ”Kristin” has yet to debut on NBC, but star Kristin Chenoweth apparently isn’t holding out too much hope for its success. The Tony Award winner has already been cast in ”The Seven Roses,” a comedy in development for CBS that has Chenoweth playing the daughter of an eccentric New England innkeeper (Brenda Blethyn). NBC may burn off the ”Kristin” episodes in June.

Feature film helmer Curtis Hanson (”Wonder Boys”) will make his TV debut by directing an episode of ”Greg the Bunny,” Fox’s hot sitcom in development for fall. The comedy, starring Eugene Levy and Seth Green, takes a behind the scenes look at a children’s show where puppets interact with humans but are still treated like second class citizens. Says ”Bunny” executive producer Steven Levitan: ”If you look at Curtis’ work in ‘L.A. Confidential’ and ‘Wonder Boys,’ working with puppets is a logical next step in his career.”

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