Being leader of the pack doesn't pay off, especially for female players, says Justine Elias
Celebrity Boot Camp
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”Boot Camp”’s sexist plumber gets the boot

One of ”Boot Camp”’s slogans is ”Lead or Follow” — but apparently it doesn’t pay to lead, especially for female players on Fox’s mock military game show (Wednesdays, 9 p.m.). Lauder, a 50ish widower, is voted off because he falls behind during rigorous physical training. According to the game’s twisted rules, he takes another player down with him: Hutek, 25, a gung ho (and then some) deputy sheriff who’d bossed him around during missions. ”I don’t like pushy women,” sniffs Lauder. Funny, he never felt comfortable sharing that Stone Age sentiment when Drill Instructor Taylor was in his face; she probably would have yelled at him till his ears bled.

Here’s’s brief of the missions and mishaps on the April 18 ”Boot Camp”:

FRICTIONARY In an infantilizing exercise, recruits sketched their favorite meal, and the rest had to figure out what they’d drawn. When self proclaimed ”pretty boy” and personal trainer Wolf correctly guessed that Whitlow’s ideal meal is ”an assortment of Japanese sushi,” D.I. McSweeney, in the harshest Boston accent this side of Fenway Park, sneered, ”AN ASSORTMENT? A PLETHORA? A MYRIAD? You’re going to do a MYRIAD of pushups after we eat our nasty chow tonight.”

EGO CHALLENGE When Yaney the bumbling balloon sculptor was elected squad leader (nobody else wanted to risk it), D.I. Rosenbum chided the group: ”Hello, recruits! What did you eat for breakfast today? Crack?” Ouch.

GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE Surprise! Yaney and the squad succeeded in blowing stuff up, and they got their favorite foods — including what ”dainty folks” would recognize as sushi (McSweeney’s term, not mine.) But along the way, somebody lost Yaney’s rappelling rope, and the group was punished. Who was to blame? Not Coddington, dubbed ”Princess” and ”Coddlington” by the D.I.’s for her fear of the rappelling wall, and not Wolf, despite his shifty behavior the next day. Credit ”Boot Camp” producers for a clever montage that pegged Moretty as the culprit — even if she doesn’t seem to realize her mistake got everyone in trouble.

Will her error come back to haunt her?

Celebrity Boot Camp
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