Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford will all appear in high profile films next year

By EW Staff
Updated April 18, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Russell Crowe: Mike Derer/Ap/Wide World

by Tricia Johnson and Scott Brown

HBO’s Meadow Soprano (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) may be a BWOC at Columbia University (especially after a creepy dean hit up her mom for a $50,000 donation), but how does the Ivy League institution feel about her? A Columbia spokesman says he hasn’t seen ”The Sopranos” and adds the show doesn’t have the school’s blessing. But Mob families aren’t the only ones with Ivy dreams.

SCHOOL Princeton
STAR Russell Crowe
PLOT True tale of mathematician John Nash, paranoid – schizophrenic Nobel Prize winner
ADMISSIONS? Princeton cooperated on the shoot. Though Crowe flipped a student the bird last month, a school official notes: ”There were some instances where he was downright gentlemanly.”

SCHOOL Harvard
STAR Sarah Michelle Gellar
PLOT Daughter of a Mob boss lures the basketball captain into a gambling scheme
ADMISSIONS? ”We didn’t bother them and they didn’t bother us,” says director and ’66 alum James Toback, who shot only a few campus exteriors. A Harvard official had no comment.

SCHOOL Stanford (not Ivy, but close)
STAR Tom Green
PLOT A middle class man turns to crime to finance his niece’s education.
ADMISSIONS? No need. The film’s producers ”assured us it’s just a working title,” says a Stanford rep. Indeed. A source involved in the Revolution Studios film says it might be called ”Say Uncle.”

SCHOOL Harvard
STAR Method Man
PLOT Two guys smoke a strain of IQ boosting pot. But after enrolling, their stash runs dry.
ADMISSIONS? Up in smoke! While the school’s ”called Harvard, [there’s] no Harvard logo,” says producer Stacey Sher. ”It’s our metaphoric Harvard.” So metaphoric, they didn’t even shoot the campus.