The sneakiest recruit gets busted for a fake faint, and voting blocs emerge, says Justine Elias
Celebrity Boot Camp

Meyer’s schemes get him ousted from ”Boot Camp”

Fainting as performance art — the ”I don’t want to deal right now, so I’m swooning on the divan” act — is a strategy usually practiced by Victorian ladies and fictional Gothic innocents. But the fake faint is revived with gusto on ”Boot Camp,” by the game show’s sneakiest recruit, Meyer.

When a drill instructor catches him loafing on a hot day, Meyer feigns heat exhaustion and keels over like a heroine in a Mrs. Radcliffe novel. (His motive: ”to get out of doing pushups.”) His fellow recruits aren’t fooled, however, and when it’s time to vote, Meyer’s penchant for play acting proves to be his undoing: He’s unanimously voted out. Also gone is Thompson (friend to both Meyer and Mr. Lemon), who’s sent home on a medical discharge.

Who’s next? Probably not balloon sculptor Yaney, who’s gone from Gomer Pyle screwup to endearing eccentric in just a few days. When his fellow recruits choose family photos as their prize for completing a mission, Yaney asks only for his balloons — and the drill instructors, who’d earlier been busting his chops, take his goofy request in stride.

Our guess for the next Meyer to be: Wolf, the self described handsome guy who gets hollered at for ”posing” like a Calvin Klein model while others are hauling sandbags. Worse, while he’s LOUDLY pleading with the female recruits to vote against Meyer and not him, he puts a hand on one woman’s shoulder, gets very shrill, and then accuses a second woman of ”getting all emotional.” Fainting might be less offensive.

Celebrity Boot Camp
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