Jacob, Erik, and Trevor give a preview of their ABC reality show's second season

By Dave Karger
April 12, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
O-Town: Frank Ockenfels

As if seeing their most embarrassing moments on network TV wasn’t painful enough, the five guys from the boy band O-Town have to suffer through it all over again during reruns of their ABC reality series “Making the Band.” The first season, which will rerun on MTV from April 9-13, shows how the aspiring singers auditioned for their parts and then shared a house as they developed their act. Though they were sent their separate ways when the season was over, they’ll move back together again for the premiere of the second ABC season on April 13. And this time, there’s a new twist: J Records honcho Clive Davis has actually signed them to a record deal.

EW’s Dave Karger caught up with three O-Towners — Jacob Underwood, 20, Erik- Michael Estrada, 21, and Trevor Penick, 21 (minus their bandmates Ashley and Dan) — in the greenroom before they appeared on MTV’s ”Total Request Live.” They chatted about their new video ”All or Nothing” and their disastrous Miss America pageant performance — and they reminisced about the real-life pain of getting kicked out of their house after their first season of reality TV.

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