The law student is back in school, and (surprisingly) isn't planning to sue the show
Nick Brown, Survivor: The Australian Outback
Credit: Nick Brown: Monty Brinton

Nick getting that whole ”the tribe has spoken” speech on the April 5 ”Survivor” was about as much of a surprise as Julia Roberts taking home an Oscar for ”Erin Brockovich.” Though he’s a Harvard law student, Nick didn’t make the best case for himself by appearing to relax while waifs Elisabeth and Amber did the heavy lifting. Or was that just what we were made to see? decided to investigate further, and asked Nick to plead his case in open court.

You didn’t seem at all surprised to be kicked off.
Yeah, I knew it was coming.

So you didn’t ”leave” your backpack at the camp?
No, I didn’t. But Keith knew he wasn’t going anywhere. I think he realized later that was a little arrogant.

How did you feel about being classified as the lazy guy?
You know, only one person called me lazy on the entire show and that was Jeff way back in episode 3. I called Jeff after that show and called him on it and he was like, ”I don’t even remember saying that. I must have been in a really bad mood that day.” I was like, ”Now everyone in America thinks I’m lazy!” From then on, the viewers looked for every clip of me sitting on my butt.

So you weren’t lazy??
Well, I’m totally open to the fact that I didn’t fish. But when they showed us building the shelter and showed those two clips of me sitting on my butt I was annoyed — I did more than some of the people who were shown doing more work. I talked to some of them afterwards and they were like, ”We feel so bad for you. You totally did more work than us.” I suppose there are worse things than being called lazy.

Do you think you were portrayed accurately??
I played the game really kind of low key but I didn’t think it would be THAT low key. The stuff that makes the show is people who give really funny one liners during the confession segments. I tend to have a more subtle sense of humor so it came across like I was mute and not scheming. I was actually doing it like everyone else. It doesn’t make for the most exciting TV but I wasn’t out there to make exciting TV.

You’re handsome, you’re smart — you’re a catch, Nick. How come you didn’t hook up with anyone on the show?
Sex is farthest thing on your mind. We had a much cuter series than the first show, but after two days you don’t even think about it. When I first got there I was like, Elisabeth and Amber are cute. But after a couple of days, Alicia was no longer cute to me. It’s just bad strategy.

Jerri didn’t seem to think so.
Well, Jerri is a whole other kind of character.

Was it a personal victory to make it past Jerri?
Not really. On Kucha, we didn’t realize the wrath of Jerri. It was a personal victory to make it past members of Kucha who were loudmouths. I’m happy all the aggressive members of Kucha got kicked off before I did. Seventh place is fine. It’s not winning, but it’s fine.

Once you made it to the reject ranch, did you bond with Jerri and Alicia?
You kind of have to decompress. I read the first book of ”Lord of the Rings” and most of the second book. I bonded with them in a sense. But they’re these women in their 30s. I was the only guy. I was like, There’s so much estrogen around here! But we hung out. We had a good time.

What was your first meal?
A big Mexican chicken fajita dinner that I could only eat a few bites of.

Did doctors check you guys out? That last episode you all looked like you were going to pass out.
Well, everyone was going through weight loss. They’d come up and ask if you’re feeling okay. They did bring a doctor out for Rodger after one of the challenges. They brought a doctor out for me because I was sick with my throat. They gave me this paste to put on my throat.

Have the endorsement deals been pouring in?
You definitely get a lot of people trying to contact you. I just have to sit back and look at everything. I want to do more modeling. I’ve been doing that for a couple of years and I want to get back into that.

If Hollywood comes knocking, is there anything you’re dying to do?
My favorite show is ”Law & Order.” CBS will love that one. I’m not going to drop out of school for anything, but I would love to get into TV. CBS has some show coming up about Supreme Court law clerks. I’m custom made for that. It could be the Nick Brown show. And movies, I’d do anything. I used to really want to be an actor but I went for the more reliable law career.

Have you gotten special attention at Harvard?
People who knew me before have been really cool. Some of the first year students are a little more… what’s the word?

Well, I can’t say that, but yeah. Saying that would make me seem like an ass. But it’s weird. Harvard is full of people who have done amazing things. You go on a game show and people think it’s a big deal. I’m more impressed with people who have Ph.D.s and are lecturing internationally.

Will you be following in the footsteps of your fellow legal mind, Stacy Stillman from ”Survivor,” and suing the show?
I have nothing to sue about. I’m a big Mark Burnett fan.

Then will you be defending Mark against Stacy’s suit?
I have to graduate before I can defend anybody, and I’m afraid that case will be long over by the time I graduate.

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