Lucy and Drew talk marriage, Christina frizzes out, Sandra gets hormonal, and Tom Green throws veggies
Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, ...
Credit: Lucy Lui and Drew Barrymore: Sarah DeBoer/American Foto Features/Retna

Maybe it was awards season burnout or just a touch of spring fever, but the celeb heavy crowd at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, which aired on Fox Wednesday night, was downright giddy. Not only were the stars making recklessly revealing fashion statements — Christina Aguilera’s Chia Pet ‘fro might have weighed more than the rest of her, and Sheryl Crow’s skin baring vest appeared to be worn backwards — some of them were making as much noise as the squealing fans in the bleachers outside L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium.

”I love ‘N Sync! They’re so cute!” gushed ”Miss Congeniality” star and Favorite Actress in a Comedy winner Sandra Bullock after spotting members of the boy band on the red carpet. ”They charge me up hormonally. I swear when they get on stage, I’m going to get on my chair and scream like the teenage girls in the stands.”

Bullock wasn’t the only attendee at the fan chosen awards who wasn’t shy about cheering for her favorites. Presenters Lara Flynn Boyle (ABC’s ”The Practice”) and Chris Isaak (Showtime’s ”The Chris Isaak Show”) made an attempt at unscripted banter that somehow morphed into a creepy conversation about Isaak staring into the windows of Boyle’s house, a twist that left the audience squirming. And Dustin Hoffman’s tribute to ”Ishtar” costar Warren Beatty, who won the World Star award for lifetime achievement, became a salute to the reformed womanizer’s bedroom antics. Alas, the tired bit sailed right over the heads of the youthful audience, most of whom only vaguely remembered Beatty as the geezer who dumped Madonna after ”Truth or Dare.”

And while handing out the award for Favorite Female Artist to Christina Aguilera, Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (”The Green Mile”) spontaneously burst into song, oddly choosing to croon Creed’s ”Higher.” Well, at least he didn’t belt out ”Oops… I Did It Again.”

Backstage, even the losers were happy campers. ”I feel psychic today, and I know we’re not going to win,” said Marlon Wayans, who along with brother Shawn was nominated for Favorite Actor ? Comedy for ”Scary Movie.” ”But my mama said if one wins, you both win — or you lose as a family. So we’re going to lose as a family.” Turned out Wayans was right: The brothers lost to Jim Carrey in ”Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Two time winner Aguilera (who was also named Favorite Latin Artist) was almost as fired up about her enormous head of hair as she was about winning. ”I love ‘fros; I do,” she said. ”I’ve always thought they were beautiful and I always wanted one of my own. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s fun. I don’t know what could get caught in there.”

More demurely coiffed was Drew Barrymore who, sandwiched between her ”Charlie’s Angels” costars Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz (the trio won for Favorite Action Team), confirmed that yup, the rumors that she and ”Freddie Got Fingered” auteur Tom Green have tied the knot are all true. ”We did it; the Angels and the Chad, we were all there,” she said. Though Liu and Diaz weren’t bridesmaids, they claim they did attend the alleged ceremony. ”I was just there for craft services,” cracked Liu. In that case, Liu should spend more time with her buddy’s new hubby. Green introduced Creed’s performance of ”Higher” by tossing potatoes, corn, radishes, and other assorted produce into the audience. And no, we don’t know why either.