Eden's Crush singer Ivette Sosa keeps it real

By Kristen Baldwin
April 10, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Pop Stars: Just Loomis
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To the unrefined reality TV viewer who thinks The WB’s ”Popstars” is simply ”Making the Band With Chicks,” Ivette Sosa of Eden’s Crush says, Get over yourself! ”Making the Band” was very dramatic,” explains Sosa, 24. ”It was very like, ‘You missed your curfew!’ [‘Popstars’ is] more a documentary of the Cinderella story than ‘You jerk, you took my red hat!”’ With the show concluding its first season — and with Eden’s Crush recently boasting America’s No. 1 selling single — Sosa indulged EW with a ”Popstars” postmortem.

”Popstars” makes it look like you guys never fight. One would think there’d be some bitchiness at the Eden’s Crush house periodically, if you know what I’m saying.
The way we see it is, gosh, [viewers] are going to think that we do not get along! And it’s so not like that at all…. We’re human, and we have mood swings and the lovely thing that happens to women once a month, you know?

The producers sure loved showing you blow the lyrics to ”How Do I Live” during your audition.
I knew they were going to make a thing out of it…. And if once wasn’t enough, the next week was ”Remember when Ivette screwed up? Let’s show you that again!”

Were you surprised by that mean spirited ”Never Gonna Get It” montage of talentless girls auditioning?
I was just like, Jesus, let’s dig the wound deeper!

Fess up: Did you guys have any say in the group’s name? None of you suggested ”Eden’s Crush” during the ”naming the band” episode.
Yeah, that’s another example of how a half hour shows nothing of the process. We went through hundreds of names. We would pick a few, and then they were trademarked…. For instance, we liked ”Eden” on its own, and we liked ”Crush,” so we just decided to put them together, since that wasn’t trademarked.

If you had to give Spice Girl nicknames to your bandmates, what would they be?
Hmm… Rosanna would be, um, Bold Spice. [Talking in background] I’m sorry, Rosanna says she wouldn’t be any Spice. Ana would be Computer Spice — she’s online constantly. Nicole would be Late Spice — no, just kidding! And Maile would be Balanced Spice — maybe Keepin’ It Real Spice.

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