The ambitious actress sets the record straight about her cravings for candy and Colby

By Jessica Shaw
Updated April 06, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
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That hair! Those teeth! Those pseudo orgasmic grunts about chocolate (or was it Colby?). Just remembering Jerri Manthey’s scandalous days in the Australian outback could make anyone want to dive head first into burning coals. With a combination of elation over her rejection and dismay that there’s no one left to criticize Down Under, caught up with ”Survivor”’s most media ambitious castoff.

Hard to believe, but you actually looked a little surprised to be ousted.
I wasn’t completely. I did in some ways see it coming and actually on my way to tribal council approached Amber and asked her to please make sure if I didn’t come back to get my bongo drums for me. She just looked at me with those sweet eyes and said, ‘You’ll be just fine.’ But I kind of saw it coming.

So what did you do after you left?
I ate three Snickers, a Mars Bar, Milky Way, and chocolate bon bons. I got really sick. And I took the longest bubble bath of my life.

Was your crush on Colby real or merely strategy?
Well, the initial attraction was definitely mutual and real. But in the context of the game, you just know you can’t fully trust anyone. At that point, it was more of a strategy to continue to flirt with him and keep him on my side. Plus, I felt like if I’m going to be here for 42 days, I definitely want someone who’s nice to look at.

Did you realize how much everyone — especially Colby — hated you?
I never really saw anyone as an enemy — just a competitor. Well, those last couple of episodes were pretty brutal. That one after I won the boomerang thing was the most difficult to watch. Everyone was totally dissing me. Naturally, at first hearing negative things about myself was the most difficult part. Now that it’s over I’ve come to terms with it and I’m fine. I go out and everyone I meet on the street has been completely excited and supportive. I’ve had more women who have come up to me and been like, ”I thought you played the game great.” At least to my face they said that.

But Colby’s snide remark about putting a rope around your neck — that couldn’t have been nice to hear.
As far as Colby’s betrayal, I felt betrayed by him as soon as he voted Mitchell off. That was when I realized he wasn’t to be trusted.

Would you have done anything differently?
I wish I’d had a little more patience. But I’m very proud of the way I played the game. I was honest and true to myself and didn’t backstab anyone.

Do you wish you had been more patient with the rice?
No, not that. If it’s broke, you got to get in there to fix it. Let me just say that any time someone makes rice and turns to starving people and asks if anyone wants seconds and no one says yes, you know there’s something wrong.

You’re happy with how you were edited?
At first it was a little strange seeing myself in every frustrated anger situation edited together. Everyone had moments like that. I think I made it easier for them to use my moments because I was outspoken and honest and straight to the point.

Since this whole thing has started, what’s been the most outlandish tabloid story you’ve heard about yourself?
They’ve all been so crazy. The Jeff Probst [affair] is way out of left field. And Lou Diamond Phillips — I did meet him. But we did not have sex in the back of a VW while 20 people watched. The sizzling sex diaries? That one was pretty entertaining.

Do you think ”Survivor” will help your acting career?
It’s only going to help me. I couldn’t afford a publicist for this kind of publicity. It would cost a fortune.

EW has reviewed your acting work on video — have you gotten any jobs recently?
I got involved in a play called ”Lady Macbeth Gets a Divorce.” It’s in L.A. at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Acting was my life even before ”Survivor,” but of course I’m going to work it to my advantage. I’m taking a lot of meetings to find an agent next week.

Do you know which endorsements you’ll be doing?
I’m not at liberty to discuss any of that.

How about a Playboy spread?
I’m not at liberty to discuss that either.

Are you at liberty to discuss who’re you’re still in touch with?
I talk to Mitchell almost every day, and I love Alicia to death as well. Others I keep in touch with by email. Alicia and I stayed in Australia after it was over and traveled around with no game playing, which was great.

Have you spoken to Colby since it all ended?
One time we talked for a good two hours after episode five. I haven’t talked to him since I got voted off. But the last time I saw him was at the eco- challenge screening. We were really friendly with each other. We didn’t talk about ”Survivor” at all. It wasn’t a gracious, affectionate meeting of any sort, though. We were, you know, cordial.

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