The funniest TV lines from the week of April 6, 2001

By EW Staff
April 06, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Yeah, you musta been at the top of your f—in’ class.” Tony (JAMES GANDOLFINI), after therapist Dr. Melfi (LORRAINE BRACCO) observed that he and wife Carmela (EDIE FALCO) were both very angry, on The Sopranos

”Congratulations to Russell Crowe, who won Best Actor and Best Stray Cats Hairdo.” Craig Kilborn on The Late Late Show

”If Bjork seemed a bit nervous, it may be because Charlton Heston kept trying to get a clean shot at her dress.” Guest host Stephen Colbert, discussing the Icelandic pop singer’s Oscar-night swan getup, on The Daily Show

”How about Jennifer Lopez’s dress? It was flimsier than Puff Daddy’s alibi.” David Letterman on Late Show

”Michael Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It caused quite a controversy, because his nose isn’t eligible for another 15 years.” Conan O’Brien on Late Night