Fox deals with a two season renewal on the sitcom set in 1978
That '70s Show

Goodbye, bellbottoms and boogie fever. Hello, thin ties and ”Thriller.” Now that Fox’s ”That ’70s Show” has been renewed for two more seasons, the sitcom’s stars are facing the transition to the 1980s. ”We’re in ’78 now,” says Topher Grace. ”So yeah, we’re officially going to be there. The great thing about the show is that it’s all about nostalgia, so the writers will have a whole new decade to have fun with.” (Fox has no plans to change the name of the show.) Grace, who also turned up in the Oscar nominated ”Traffic,” doesn’t expect his TV character to start moonwalking anytime soon. ”Wilmer [Valderrama] will definitely be the one wearing the Michael Jackson gloves.” Groans Valderrama: ”Yeah, it’ll probably be me.”

That '70s Show
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