The widely disliked actress falls victim to a new alliance against evil

By Bruce Fretts
April 03, 2001 at 04:00 AM EDT
Jerri: Monty Brinton
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Jerri finally gets booted from ”Survivor”

Ding dong, the witch is dead! Widely reviled actress Jerri was the latest contestant kicked off ”Survivor,” as her ex- Ogakor teammates Keith, Tina, and Colby formed a surprise alliance with former Kuchas Nick, Elisabeth, and Rodger. ”It must’ve been my remark about how this game isn’t fair,” she figured in her exit interview. But truth be told, it could have been any one of umpteen abrasive remarks that did her in. To relive this juicily quotable episode, here are Jerri and her rivals’ most biting sound bites.

”There’s nothing fair about this — it’s about winning.” —JERRI, after getting Colby as her partner in the obstacle course reward challenge

”Granted, I want to win this thing, but I don’t know if I want to share with her whatever it is.” —COLBY, about getting paired up with Jerri

”I really couldn’t give a flying crap at this point.” —JERRI, about her feeling that the other players were jealous that she won two rewards in a row

”Just think, Jerri, we could be back on the beach eating rice right now.” —COLBY on the helicopter ride to the Great Barrier Reef after winning the reward challenge

”This is basically the perfect honeymoon without the sex.” —JERRI, about her lavishly catered getaway with Colby

”That couldn’t be farther from the truth for me.” —COLBY, in response to Jerri’s ”honeymoon” remark

”I’ve got a tender side, too. I feel like a little bit of that was touched today.” —JERRI, feeling refreshed after her trip

”I wish everyone could’ve come with us, but since you couldn’t, I brought a little bit of the reef back to you.” —COLBY, handing out coral souvenirs upon his return

”He’s got one up on me, for sure.” —JERRI, realizing Colby’s gifts endeared him to the other contestants

”If I don’t win the immunity challenge, I think I’m a goner.”
NICK, going into the balancing contest, which he ultimately won

”Put it around your neck!”
COLBY to Jerri, about the rope she was using to try to pull Nick into the water

”I can’t imagine getting rid of Elisabeth over her, but it’s just my gut tells me it’s the right move”
COLBY, initially rejecting Keith’s suggestion that they could vote off Jerri

”Things come out of my mouth in frustration and out of hunger and just stress that, after they come out, I want to suck them back in because it’s not something I would normally say.”
JERRI, throwing herself on the mercy of the tribal council

”Most days she gets up in a good mood, but oh, baby, look out if she gets up in a bad mood!”
RODGER, voting for Jerri

”I’ve never in my life met anyone more likable and more lovable. Because you are such a likable person, it is a definite threat.”
JERRI, voting for Elisabeth

”Checkmate — you guys got me. Good game.” —JERRI, carrying her torch

”Based on that vote, maybe the game has changed, and a new tribe finally has been born.”
JEFF PROBST, wrapping things up

”I’ve had a great time, and I’m still up for sitting around with everybody, having a beer and laughing about this whole thing.”
JERRI, in her postmortem interview

What’s your favorite ”Survivor” sound bite?

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