By Richard Horrmann
Updated March 30, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Devout fans of The Match Game — and apparently they are legion — are filling in the blanks about the long-running TV game show by creating cybershrines to the institution that made Charles Nelson Reilly (right) a household name. (Can we ever forgive these people?) Thanks to popular reruns on the Game Show Network, newbies are finding out just how dumb Dumb Donald really is. Get ready to match the stars.

— Richard Horrmann

— MATCHGAME.ORG ( Accounting student Brian Connoy of Elk River, Minn., spent a year combing old TV Guides to compile a log of every celeb on the show from 1973 to 1991. There are also photos, music clips, and a gallery of Fannie Flagg’s shirt collection. (Missing: the quintessential ’70s icon, the fried-egg T-shirt.)

— MATCH GAME MANIA ( The main draw of Ryan Dziadosz’s site is the Match Game Drinking Game. Among the ever-growing list of rules submitted to Dziadosz, an Arizona State University broadcasting student: ”One or more of the lights is out on the Match Game sign — 2 drinks.” (Missing: points for catching a star taking a swig of Tab.)

— MATCH GAME HOMEPAGE( Here, Indianapolis credit-union employee Chris Lambert addresses the mantra of Match masses: Isn’t Richard Dawson (right) dead? Answer: He’s not. (Missing: proof.)