Trick your friends and family!

By EW Staff
Updated March 30, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Scott Foley
Credit: Scott Foley: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Noting April’s arrival, we asked celebs about the best pranks that they’d played and had played on them — and found they give as good as they get.

JENNY McCARTHY ”I had my sister write a note to my husband that she’d developed feelings for him. He freaked out.”

PATRICIA HEATON (”Everybody Loves Raymond”) ”Last April Fools’ Day, I told Ray I thought he was a really good actor.”

MARLEE MATLIN (”The West Wing”) ”My husband told me he hit a pedestrian with his car and drove over the body. He had me bawling until he yelled, ‘April Fools’!”’

SCOTT FOLEY (”Felicity”) ”We were doing a medical scene. The sound guy put a fart machine under the table [Keri Russell] was lying on. I thought it was her. She thought it was me. It was horrible.”

MOBY ”I’ve ordered taxis at 2 a.m. for someone and said, ‘When you get to the house, start honking until I come out’; enrolled people in computer dating services; and ordered someone 10 Porta-Johns for a 6 a.m. delivery.”

MARLA SOKOLOFF (”The Practice”) ”A friend got me to eat some green tea ice cream — but it was wasabi. My mouth is still on fire.”

ROBERT PICARDO (”Star Trek: Voyager”) ”My friend Joe Pantoliano [”The Sopranos”] pretended to be the talent coordinator for ‘The Tonight Show’ and spent 15 minutes on the phone with me trying to book me a spot.”

CHAZZ PALMINTERI (”Down to Earth”) ”[As kids in the Bronx] we got a dummy and put eight bottles of ketchup in the arms, brought it up to the roof, screamed, and threw it off. I was worried because people were fainting.”

MARG HELGENBERGER (”CSI”) ”On the set, a couple of guys were slapping this baby around, but it turned out to be a doll.”

JASON BIGGS (”Saving Silverman”) ”I’d love to [pull a] prank, but I’m always so nervous that people are gonna get upset. I’m totally neurotic and insecure.”