EW.com presents his take on the Academy Awards

By Jim Mullen
March 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Sarah Jessica Parker: Nelson Machin/ABC

SARAH JESSICA PARKER Didn’t Jamie Lee Curtis rip off the bottom half of her dress in ”True Lies” too?

BJÖRK Talk about a swan song. Her giant fish head dress must have been at the cleaners. ”Help me, I’m molting.”

RANDY NEWMAN I want to hear him sing like I want to see ”Matlock on Ice.”

JULETTE BINOCHE She looked like a small kid trying to wear her mother’s dress. That’s cute when you’re six, not so funny when you’re 40.

JENNIFER LOPEZ Let’s see, who can we get to introduce Bob Dylan who would know the least about him?

BRITNEY SPEARS COMMERCIAL I’ll buy Pepsi when they show Bob Dole leading a dance number.

DINO DE LAURENTIIS Hey, let’s goof on people and give an award to the only man in history who made more laugh out loud terrible movies than Ed Wood.

BLACK PEOPLE Where were they? The last time I saw this many white people in one room was the George W. Bush Inaugural Ball.

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