The singing siblings talks about their Bar Mitzvah, their mall tour, and ''Rock & Roll Jeopardy''

By Laura Morgan
Updated March 19, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Evan and Jaron: Borucki/Retna

Music history shows that no formula is too tired to cash in on. But if you’ve had it with B-list boy bands, there’s hope yet in the form of roots-pop duo Evan and Jaron. The Orthodox Jewish identical twins wowed the ”TRL” nation with their hit ”Crazy for This Girl” (from their self-titled debut) — and impressed us with their patient replies to our foolish queries.

? Who’s older?
J: Evan, by three inches.

? If you brawled with the Nelson twins, who’d win?
J: We would. We’d just pull their hair out.
E: Yeah. We’d swing them around like rag dolls.

? If Puffy gets sent down, do you think Bush should pardon him?
E: Yeah, what’s the big deal? So he had a gun and maybe shot someone? That hardly seems like a crime these days.

? Did your Bar Mitzah rock?
E and J: No!

? Is there a mall tour in your future?
E: Yes, and Bob Dylan’s the opening act.

? Who’s the chick magnet of you two?
E: Bono, of course.

? Which of you would win ”Rock & Roll Jeopardy”?
E: The one who answers more responses correctly.

? What did you learn during the Clinton years?
E: That a good personality and a smile goes a lot further than our high school teachers told us it would.

? How much would your yarmulke go for on eBay?
E: On heBay or eBay?
J: Probably not as much as a round of hide the afikomen with Evan and Jaron.

? Have you thought about asking out the Olsen twins?
E: We had a lead on their number, but it turned out to be Jack Nicholson’s.
J: If you’d let them know we’re looking for them, that’d be great.