Plus, the latest from Allison Janney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Frances McDormand, and more

By Liane Bonin
March 16, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

”Enemy at the Gates” is a European financed movie about a bloody WWII battle between German and Russian troops featuring a cast of American, British, and German actors, but you’d never guess that listening to the movie’s dialogue. Star Ed Harris, an Oscar nominee for ”Pollock,” reveals the reason why. Plus, keep reading for more saucy quips from the best and brightest of Hollywood.

”[Director] Jean Jacques Annaud specifically asked me not to do a German accent. A lot of times the German accent in war movies becomes a cliché — a ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ kind of deal. But I worked with a dialect coach and did a Middle Atlantic thing, a little more cultured than I myself am. A little more refined, if you will. At least I didn’t sound like I was from New Jersey.”
–”Enemy at the Gates” star ED HARRIS, who plays an aristocratic sniper in the battle of Stalingrad

”I just got to act with the actress I grew up idolizing, Meryl Streep. I play her girlfriend in a movie called ”The Hours.” I had to pinch myself. We were in bed together, and all I could think was, I’m in bed with Meryl Streep! Oh my God! It was the most thrilling thing.”
–”West Wing” star ALLISON JANNEY on taking time off to do a movie role opposite the accent queen herself

”My Oscar? It’s like a tchotchke on the bookshelf. The most rewarding award for me was the SAG award, because it was from my peers. Actually, after I got the award, my husband Joel [Coen] and I left the SAG ceremony and went to dinner, where the manager happened to be an actress. She came up to me and said, ‘I voted for you.’ That was the best part of the night.”
–”Almost Famous” star FRANCES MCDORMAND on why her ”Fargo” Oscar isn’t her most prized prize

”If you have an African American homeless schizophrenic composer as your lead in a movie, you’re gonna have a hard time getting financing for it.”
–”The Caveman’s Valentine” director KASI LEMMONS on why getting the cash for a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t easy

”When I walk around New York, I see women of color and men of color and people of all shapes and sizes and varieties. So we need to ask the question: Why is there this unspoken segregation? We want to ask those questions [on ‘Sex and the City’] and deal with it seriously instead of doing something quick and thinking that will solve the problem.”
–”Sex and the City” star SARAH JESSICA PARKER on whether we’ll be seeing more people of color on the HBO comedy series.

”Tom Green is so gifted. If a scene wasn’t working, he never said, ‘Let’s go talk about backstory.’ He?d say, ‘Let’s do a bird dance!’ and we’d flap around the halls and do some weird squawking, which is the best thing ever, because suddenly you’re laughing and you’re in a much better place.”
–MARISA COUGHLIN (”Teaching Mrs. Tingle”), on the style of MTV freak Tom Green, who costars and directs the upcoming comedy ”Freddie Got Fingered” (opens April 20)