March 16, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Gold Stars

I wait anxiously each week for the current week’s issue. This time you outdid yourselves with the fantasy-inspiring picture of the always maximus Russell Crowe on the leopard-print couch (of course, the article was great too!). All I can say is…Grrrr, baby! Keep it coming!
Mattoon, Ill.

Congratulations, EW, on another wonderful issue highlighting some of the individuals up for the Oscar! Your ”Best of the Best” section, which I also thoroughly enjoyed, brought to mind a question I’ve been asking myself since Saving Private Ryan‘s unfortunate loss to Shakespeare in Love in 1999: Isn’t it about time the Academy follows the Golden Globes’ lead and creates two separate Best Picture categories, one for drama and one for comedy/musical?
Redwood City, Calif.

I hope the ”we” mentioned in Tim Purtell’s article (”The Best of the Best”) who think that Mr. Spielberg was ”robbed” in 1999 does not include the entire staff at EW. Surely there must be a few that recognize the outstanding quality of Shakespeare in Love. I am second to no one in my admiration for Mr. Spielberg’s talent; however, I would hardly call his Best Director Oscar victory an act of being ”robbed.” BARTON GREEN
Andover, N.H.

Thank you for your in-depth coverage of the nominees, a look at Oscar history, and the absence of any reference to Jennifer Lopez (perhaps this could start a trend).
Portland, Ore.

Newman’s Own

We read, with great amusement, your article about the famous Academy Award musical snubs (”Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma!”). The oversights continue, however; in your article there was an omission…Randy Newman. He’s been consistently nominated for his film work, but has never received the statuette. He scored the music to great films like Ragtime, Avalon, and Parenthood. It would be a shame if this man’s work is never recognized for its sheer brilliance.
Dorval, Quebec, Canada

Best of the ‘Nest’

I saw One Flew over the Cuckoo‘s Nest in college, and 26 years later, it still moves me. Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher gave the performances of their lives, and the supporting cast’s acting was so real they seemed to have just stepped out of an institution. Thanks for remembering one of the most thought-provoking movies ever.
Hermitage, Pa.

Thank you for your ”Oscar Goes Cuckoo” article, but one correction. A reader could easily think Cuckoo’s co-producer, Saul Zaentz, was including William Redfield among those actors appearing who had ”about as much film experience as you could fit in the navel of a flea.” I’m sure Zaentz was not thinking of Redfield, otherwise why would he have given Mr. Redfield ”costar” billing? None of which is to say I’m not grateful you included my father’s name in the story.
Allendale, N.J.

A Year to Remember

I’m an awards-show junkie who loved your Oscar issue. The best part was Ty Burr’s ”Slights to Remember” because 1975 is the year I graduated high school, and possibly the most artistically influenced year of my life. Nashville, Jaws, Shampoo, and the release of Born to Run. I don’t think it gets any better than that. Thanks for remembering.
Glen Rock, N.J.

Live Wire

Your MTV’s Total Request Live article was superb. As a member of America’s youth, I’m just as baffled as Caroline Kepnes as to why today’s teenagers are so easily amused. I assure you there is still a small percentage of America’s youth that doesn’t spend their afternoons watching Carson Daly wave to a crowd. There is still hope, but not much.
Los Angeles

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