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March 16, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Buff Alicia is booted from ”Survivor”

In the end, it was a battle of butch versus bitch. Buff personal trainer Alicia and rhymes with witchy actress Jerri went down to the wire on the latest episode of CBS’ ”Survivor: The Australian Outback,” and this time the strong didn’t survive. Jerri prevailed by a single vote, as her former Ogakor tribe remained solid as a bloc in their opposition to Alicia.

Despite another visually dull immunity challenge (who could figure out what was going on with all those rope squares?), the hour built to a terrific crescendo. I never thought I’d pull for the bossy, pose prone Alicia, but my gut told me to go with her. The more I go over it in my head, though, the happier I am Jerri’s still around. Like Richard Hatch, she’s a villain you hate to love to hate, and the show would be a lot less interesting without her.

With eight contestants left, the competition’s only half over, and who could we have rooted against in Jerri’s absence? Consider the possibilities:

RODGER Please — the man’s a saint. He leads the tribe in saying grace before meals, many of which he provides himself. ”I love this fishin’ hole!” he exulted as he reeled ’em in one after another. And unlike Dr. Sean last season, he hasn’t given his superpole a stupid nickname.

ELISABETH Goofy headdress aside, she’s hard to dislike. Even when she said she ”needed to get a little more ruthless” and tried to drive a wedge between Jerri and her ex- teammates, she remained absolutely adorable.

TINA Okay, she stabbed her alleged pal Mad Dog in the back, but that was weeks ago. Besides, she can stick it to you with a smile. When Jerri and Amber returned from the feast they won in the boomerang throwing reward challenge, she assuaged their guilt in her endearingly passive aggressive style: ”We had a great time.” Translation: ”We had a great time — without you!”

KEITH It’s taken me a while to warm up to the chef, but he won me over this week when he was cooking rice without hypercritical Jerri around. Sarcastically wondering aloud why he felt so relaxed, he asked, ”What could it be?” Could it be… SATAN?

COLBY How could you hate a guy who fibs to Jerri’s face about his alliance with Keith and Tina, then says, ”I didn’t like the fact that I had to lie, but because it was to Jerri, I didn’t lose sleep over it”? Plus, he’s a cowboy.

NICK How could you hate a guy who’s just so…blah? Although he is a Harvard law student. Nah, still not reason enough.

AMBER If Jerri is Dr. Evil, Amber is Mini-Me — a cute, mostly mute sidekick. When she does speak, she merely regurgitates everything her master has to say. A morally weak creature, Amber is to be pitied, not despised.

JEFF Okay, here’s somebody to hiss. No, not the guy who got kicked off last week — I’m talking Jeff Probst. During the downpour that invariably accompanies every tribal council, the contestants arrive in slickers, while the world’s most rugged game show host doesn’t have the sense to get out of the rain. In more ways than one, the guy’s all wet.

Which ”Survivor” cast member are you rooting against?

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