The teen star explains superheroes and the downside of blind dates

By Tricia Johnson
Updated March 15, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Kirsten Dunst: Bill Davilla/Retna

Part babe, part girl next door, 18 year old Kirsten Dunst has blossomed from child actress (”Interview With a Vampire”) to bona fide leading lass (”Bring It On,” ”Virgin Suicides”). This weekend she pops up as a love interest in the dating comedy ”Get Over It,” with Colin Hanks and Sisqó. spoke with Dunst from the set of her next big thing, ”Spider-Man,” about superheroes, singing in the shower, and the dangers of dating.

Do you have friends who are like, ‘Oh my God, you’re working with Tobey Maguire [who plays Spider Man] — he’s so cute!’
No, my friends don’t care, ever. They care about people I don’t care about. See, my friends are weird. My one friend’s in love with Jack Nicholson. My other friend, if I was working with Taye Diggs, she would die. Or Mekhi Phifer, she would die. So I have friends who have different tastes. I think Tobey’s a little too safe for them.

What’s happening on the ”Spider-Man” set?
I’m a stuntwoman now. I’m hanging off a balcony in Times Square, supposedly waiting for Spider-Man to rescue me — screaming in my little dress.

You’ve got red hair because you play Mary Jane, Spider-Man’s love interest.
The front of my hair is dyed, and then the rest of it’s a wig. I look like I have these big chunk red streaks in front. I like it; it’s kind of punk.

In ”Get Over It,” you sing. Wasn’t that weird for you since Sisqó and Vitamin C also sing?
No, not at all, because mine’s in a completely different context than theirs. Mine’s coming out of the character, and theirs is more like, ‘They’re great singers so let’s have them sing something at the end of the movie.’

Are you comfortable singing in general?
No, not in front of people, and it’s something that I’d like to get over. But luckily I got to prerecord it, so I could lip synch to it.

Do you croon in the shower?
No, I’m not a shower singer, but I’m definitely a singer with myself — in cars, trailers, I’ll sing. But not in front of people. I listen to music all the time. It’s the score to my life.

What are you listening to now?
In my CD player right this second is Sade. I’ve also been listening a lot to Coldplay, which I absolutely love. And I like David Gray’s new CD a lot, too.

So how’s your role similar or different from how you find dating in real life?
Well, the thing in ”Get Over It” is she’s pining over this guy who isn’t giving her the time of day. There are sparks and chemistry, but he’s so concentrated on getting this girl back who doesn’t even give him the time of day. I can totally relate to Kelly’s situation — you know, you like the guy and you’re not sure where you stand with him and every little thing he says you overanalyze because you like him so much. ‘Oh, he didn’t say hi to me,’ you know what I mean? ‘He didn’t call me,’ and blah blah blah.

Are you into dating?
Oh my God, I hate it so much. I never go on dates with people. I have to be friends or know them a little bit before. If a guy I didn’t know asked me out, I’d be like, ”I have a boyfriend.” I’m not good at that surface blah blah conversation, so I have to be friends first or know a little bit about them or something more has to flourish before I’m asked out on a date.

So, no blind dates?
No. It either clicks right away with me or it doesn’t. So if it didn’t, I would feel bad because I’d feel like, Oh God, I hope I’m not stringing him along in this date. Or I’d feel weird if it doesn’t click and you don’t have that eye connection to begin with…. Dates, I hate the word date. I like hanging out, going out.

Will ”Get Over It” be the last of the high school movies for you?
I think so, definitely, probably, yeah. I’m not saying I won’t play a teenager, but it’ll probably be my last kind of teen oriented movie.

Do you know what you’re doing after ”Spider-Man”?
No, I have no idea. I can’t even think right now. This absorbs me so much. The last thing you want to do on the weekend is read a script.

I read that you love to clean. What’s up with that?
When I’m really, really tired or just stressed and thinking about something, yeah, I’ll just clean my room or something. But that was more when I was younger. I’ve gotten smarter. Now I just go to bed or take a bath.