MTV's cameras invade New York's West Village

By EW Staff
Updated March 12, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Real World: Chris Carroll/Corbis Outline

Caroline Kepnes and Kristen Baldwin

After 10 years of on camera outbursts, MTV’s ”The Real World” has returned to its first haunt: New York City. Even ”Law & Order” took notice, with a Feb. 28 episode about a network exec’s trial after the death of a castmate on a show called ”Deal With It.” But ”World”’s creators insist they’d never consider murder — even for Puck. ”Either [”L&O” creator] Dick Wolf doesn’t know how reality shows are made or he has great imagination,” says exec producer Jon Murray. Here’s the scoop on the new show, due in June.

PAD TIES In early February, the cast of three guys and four women moved into a duplex in the hip West Village (home to Liev Schreiber, Monica Lewinsky, and Alanis Morissette). While there’s no electronic puppy à la New Orleans, an atrium boasts sculptures that change color.

HOME SECURITY So far, the ”TRL” hoards haven’t trooped downtown to rubberneck. ”In larger cities we’re more likely to get lost,” says Murray. ( has a live webcam, though the camera’s in a fishbowl.)

BREWS N THE HOOD The cast’s fave haunts: the Limelight, the Bus Stop Cafe, and a nearby Laundromat. And David al Maroosh, owner of the Gourmet Village Deli, reports, ”Their first week, they bought what was left of my Honey Brown Ale.”