Eminem is a hit on stage but misses a Grammy slam

By Ethan Alter
Updated March 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Just don’t ask me about Eminem,” Moby warned. Which summed up the tired attitude of Grammy attendees toward the heavily hyped duet between Sir Elton John and the Angry Blond. Eminem, who swept the rap categories despite losing the night’s big prize to Steely Dan, had one unlikely admirer in Toni Braxton (Best Female R&B Vocal). ”As a woman and an African American, 50 years ago people thought I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing,” said Braxton, who hit the treadmill earlier in the day and consumed only water for her J. Lo moment. The post-Grammy bashes were hit-and-miss affairs. ”Let me know if you see any celebrities,” said Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s at the BMG party. ”I can’t see anyone.” As for the Real Slim Shady, he attended Universal’s Cicada bash, where Melissa Etheridge declared she’d be proud to be the next gay musician to team with the rapper: ”This was an important night for America.” If you could ”Stan” it.