By EW Staff
March 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Too curmudgeonly to partake of the Oscar extravaganza? Try these more modest Web-only alternatives. — Erika Milvy

— Thugs on Film ( Animated hooligan film critics Cecil and Stubby host the second annual Tossers Award Show with categories like Biggest Piece of Overblown Hollywood Wank.

— ( At this ”anti-Oscars” site, viewers can vote for faves while picking up wiseacre remarks.

— The Stinkers: The Ultimate Bad Movie Awards ( The Hastings Bad Cinema Society names the year’s worst films. New contests include Oldest Looking Teenagers. Battlefield Earth should sweep all traditional categories.

— Screw the Oscars ( What if ”real people” chose the Oscar winners? Here they do.