A round-up of the "other" Oscars

By Glenn Gaslin
Updated March 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Sometimes we get so caught up surfing sites about the Academy Awards that we neglect the Web’s other Oscars, all of which merit attention (including Oscar the dachshund’s site at http://www.users.csbsju.edu/~sjgrobe/project.html).


— Oscar the Grouch He may live in a trash can and talk to worms, but read his song lyrics (members.nbci.com/oroborus12/ssoscar.html) and you’ll realize this matted green groaner has a heart of gold. Stiffest Oscar competition: The Grinch (Best Makeup). Cosmetics vs. puppet: too close to call.

— Oscar Mayer Not content to offer just meat, this Oscar also sponsors Wienermobiles, hot-dog-shaped trucks on the road since 1936 (kraftfoods.com/oscar-mayer/wmobile). Stiffest competition: U-571 (Best Sound Editing). Hey, did Wienermobiles help win WWII? Didn’t think so.

— Oscar de la Hoya He’s a fighter, he’s a singer, and he’s got his own website (oscardelahoya.com). Stiffest competition: He wouldn’t last a round against Russell Crowe’s Maximus (Best Actor).