The Latest Gotta-Have Stuff

By EW Staff
March 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Get the Picture

What is It? Digi-Frame DF-560 How Much? $599 ( Why’s It Cool? Display images received via e-mail or the Net. Worth the $? Pricey, but you’ve got a personal slide show right on your desk.

Finding Yourself

What is It? eMAP How Much? $242.84 ( Why’s It Cool? Download CD-ROM map info to find gas, food, and lodging — or to determine what phase the moon is in. Worth the $? If you’re lost, this little baby will show you the way home.

Command Center

What is It? SideWinder Game Voice How Much? $49.95 ( Why’s It Cool? Play a Net game with verbal commands or just gab with your online friends. Worth the $? Gameplay is always more fun with a headset.

Wristy Business

What is It? Web-@nywhere watch How Much? $85 ( Why’s It Cool? It’s your traveling Internet text connection and it tells time, too. Worth the $? Yes. Not even Dick Tracy had a watch this hot.