March 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST


Website Grade B+

Movie Grade B+

( Puzzle geeks can click past the ”Well, Hello Clarice” sound bite and try ”The Search for Dr. Fell,” featuring global-positioning-system clues. Winner receives Joy of Cooking.


Website Grade C+

Movie Grade B

( Visual motifs capture Pollock’s painting style. Connect with archival images of the artist. But what’s with the tiny boxes that contain movie and historical notes?


Website Grade A-

Movie Grade C

( This Flash-driven site skitters through behind-the-scenes stories while hawking the new DVD. No solo pix of Brad Pitt, but the hopped-up soundtrack is dyn-o-mite.

The Wedding Planner

Website Grade D+

Movie Grade C

( Soft-focus photos of J. Lo and Matthew McConaughey dominate. But taking the marriage quiz prompts the oh-so-sexy ”document contained no data” message.

*Movie grades taken from EW reviews

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