Plus, Green Day, the Deftones, and Britain's Coldplay

By Jim Farber
Updated March 07, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Snoop Dogg

SNOOP DOGG, ?Snoop Dogg? Gangsta rap videos may seem like acts of self parody these days, but few intentionally attempt anything that cool. Hats off, then, to street hero Snoop Dogg, for having the gall to send himself up in his new clip. He offers a winning rank on both his own affront to diction and his ridiculous fashion sense. The comedic tone holds so strongly, in fact, that even when the cliché cool dudes and curvy babes turn up, they seem as much a put on as a way to hard sell the product. B

GREEN DAY, ”Warning” Given the right circumstances, foolish behavior can be stirring. In the band’s latest clip, a teenager blissfully defies every rule our mothers ever told us. He runs with scissors. He stares directly into an eclipse. He even cheerfully accepts candy from a stranger. Yet, as Billie Joe Armstrong’s satiric lyrics make clear, the point isn’t self obliteration. It’s encouragement for overcontrolled kids to ”live without warning” — without the fears that make our lives small. By delivering that message with such wit, Green Day make taking risks seem like a snap. A