Dave Karger kicks off EW.com's new entertainment talk show

By EW Staff
Updated March 07, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Greg Germann: George Lange/Fox

Who’s roaring into March with two Top 10 movies? Nope, it’s not Anthony Hopkins or Keanu Reeves. Surprisingly, it’s a TV star — ”Ally McBeal”’s Greg Germann, 43, currently in theaters with ”Down to Earth” and ”Sweet November.” The actor proved himself quite un-Fishy when he stopped by the New York office of Entertainment Weekly and shared our most comfortable couch with staff writer Dave Karger. Germann talked about running between his two movie openings, meeting rabid fans of his early role in 1990’s ”Child’s Play 2,” and working with Robert Downey Jr.

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