EW covers the fall 2001 collections

By Clarissa Cruz
Updated March 02, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Goodbye, kitschy glam. Hello, styles Dubya would find fine and dandy. At NYC’s just-concluded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, designers eschewed the flashy ’80s influence that prevailed last spring in favor of subdued equestrian looks and the return of black. So with fashion mavens playing it relatively safe, it was up to visiting celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tori Spelling, Lil’ Kim, and Kevin Bacon to spice up the festivities.

”If you are short and fat, you put on a Diane Von Furstenberg dress and you are hot! If you are tall and lanky and you do not have boobs, you put [it] on and you are slammin‘!” declared Angie Harmon, who took in Von Furstenberg, Luca Luca, Oscar de la Renta, and Jill Stuart. At Fause Haten, Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins offered this take on personal style: ”I’ve worn the same pair of leather pants for the last year … they smell now like something I can’t even describe.”

Turned away from the packed Michael Kors show, rap queen Eve sniffed, ”I’m leaving. It was our day [gesturing toward beau Stevie J], so we’re gonna go have love day.” And while that was a bit too much info, here are EW’s own lovegrams to fall 2001’s collections.

Clarissa Cruz, with additional reporting by Nicholas Fonseca and Alice M. Lee

Most Likely to Thank the Academy

The Oscars aren’t the only place where Gladiator is dueling Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Curvy cheongsams were spotted at Rebecca Taylor and Yeohlee, while Chinese lettering adorned a bomber jacket at Vivienne Tam. Meanwhile, Jill Stuart and Christina Perrin featured draped and ruched dresses that Lucilla would surely risk vexing Commodus for. ”She used a lot of styles and inspiration from the past,” says Perrin fan Leelee Sobieski. ”It’s beautiful, timeless, and elegant.”

Most Likely to Stop Traffic

Sure, they look great on long-limbed amazons (not to mention Julia Roberts), but can mere mortals don microminis and stiletto boots without feeling like a Pretty Woman? Betsey Johnson certainly thinks so, though Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler (who bobbed his head when ”Sweet Emotion” blasted) seemed to appreciate the designer’s short-skirted creations more than the poor model tugging on her hem during her entire catwalk.

Most Combat-Ready

Proof of Life may have tanked at the box office, but Russell Crowe’s jungle-boogie fashion legacy lives on: Camouflage prints stood out at Custo Barcelona, Pierrot, and Vivienne Tam. Pierrot’s show even came complete with — take note, PETA devotees! — fake deer for that faux-wilderness effect. It’s the sexy cuts that make army style fresh again … though we’re not sure Russell could squeeze into the tiny halter top and miniskirt combos.

Most Likely to Please Dubya

After last season’s parade of punk, safety-pinned ’80s garb, designers offered outfits designed to bring out the inner soccer mom. Featuring everything from adorably proper tweed dresses to camel-color trousers tucked into riding boots, Carolina Herrera‘s, Michael Kors’, and Ralph Lauren’s collections heralded Republican-era style. ”It’s not so city,” says STYLE.com fashion director Lauren duPont. ”It’s more of a chic suburban-woman kind of thing.”