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By EW Staff
March 02, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Readers devoured our Hannibal cover (#581, Feb. 9), but it was the Grammy predictions that had them crying in their Chianti. ”It was great to see the new Native American music category represented, but the remarks you printed served to ridicule and degrade,” writes James Marienthal of Boulder, Colo. And Anna Hight of St. Louis defends the Grammy-nominated boy toys of ‘N Sync, declaring ”[There are] people who don’t have their heads shoved up Radiohead’s a– , who just want to dance.” Meanwhile, Olivia Newton-John’s fans questioned our slam of the singer. ”She has had more musical hits than Bette Midler and should be the one starring in her own series!” scolds James Roy of Minneapolis. Talk about hopelessly devoted …

Fine Old Hannibal

Thanks for the wonderful and informative article on Sir Anthony Hopkins (”The Gory Details”). I’ve been an avid fan since seeing The Elephant Man and have collected almost every film he’s done. He’s a most unique and classical actor of the old era. ROSE MARIE BOGDAN Jefferson City, Mo.

Why did you have to make Anthony Hopkins look so wasted on your cover? I’m a devoted Lecter and Hopkins fan, and I know the doc is a ruthless, diabolical killer. But your cover did not do justice to him or Anthony! If I were seeing Lecter or Hopkins for the first time in your issue, I would think, ”this guy looks weak. He won’t be able to pull off that character.” Lecter would probably scoff and call it a ”rather dull picture!” CINDY ESPINOSA Kenosha, Wis.

I was completely disgusted to read the article on Hannibal — not because of the so-called ”gore” that the movie is supposed to contain; I’ve been waiting to see the sequel as long as anyone else. I was disgusted to learn that because Gary Oldman didn’t get ”top billing,” he demanded that his name be left out of the credits and off the poster. Give me a break. Perhaps Oldman should reevaluate his principles and realize that no one thinks of him as a big star — we just like to think of him as a good actor. It disgusts me to think that movie stars think they are so superior. DAVID C. LOWERY Heidelberg, Miss.

Grammy Whammy

Forget Eminem! if i want to hear something really obnoxious and offensive I will now turn to the folks who give you their picks on the Grammys (”Make a New Plan, Stan”). First, they insult the state of ”alternative” music, then they rag on Native American folk music. I can’t wait until next year when they make fun of Grammy-nominated sick orphans with disabilities. JUAN CARLOS CARRERA Portland, Ore.

I like to think i’m a pretty open-minded music listener, but I have to wonder, did the person who wrote that ”there’s not a pure country album in there” even listen to Lee Ann Womack’s album? I loved Faith Hill’s Breathe (who didn’t?), but to listen to I Hope You Dance raises a huge question about the author’s idea of ”pure country.” Did Womack have to sing about a pickup truck to be considered ”pure country”? What are the qualifications here? As far as I’m concerned, Womack had the superior (if not popular) country album of the year. MICHAEL MITCHELL San Diego

Let’s Get Physical

Did Olivia Newton-John spit in your soup or something? You trashed her fabulous performance at the Olympics and now you are taking a shot at her for being on Bette (TV). Olivia is great and if you can’t appreciate that, maybe you should just shut up. TIM MANESS Memphis

Dino Sore

Generally I find EW’s per- spective pretty right on, but the cheap shot at Mark Knopfler (Music) was in poor taste. All Knopfler did was record a record bought by millions of fans, some of whom are paleontologists. How many copies of this issue of EW will make it to 2017? GREG DWYER Bettendorf, Iowa

All-Time Lo

I got Tom Sinclair’s point that Jennifer Lopez showed no true meaning in her songs (Music), and that the CD represents more of a marketing wonder child than a true artistic work. I don’t agree. First, Lopez is neither a philosopher nor a great mind of our time. She’s a pop musician. She writes and sings to make people happy. Second, Sinclair mentions that he listened to J.Lo in an office. I highly doubt that anyone could get anything out of it while sitting in an office. DAN CONNORS Pittsburgh



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