Who will the doe-eyed actress date next?

By Chris Willman
Updated March 02, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

In the rock world, there’s one award more coveted than a Grammy or even a multi-platinum certification: being Winona Ryder’s boyfriend. First came the Dave Pirner years, the reason many of us are haunted by the nightmarish image of the Soul Asylum frontman in a tux. (We won’t count her teen romance with part-time bass player Johnny Depp.) Then there were shorter stints with Dave Grohl and, late last year, Beck. Romance, interrupted! Beck-less Winona has reportedly moved on to ex-Whiskeytown singer Ryan Adams. Who’ll be next in the Ryder/rocker dating sweepstakes? To help out in the office pool, EW handicaps the odds.

Chris Willman

Odds: 2 million to 1

PUFF DADDY Any actress can say sayonara to stalker concerns with the Puffster’s arsenal-laden rep. But with her pallor, Ryder might take it the wrong way when he calls her ”ill.”

Odds: 5,000 to 1

MARILYN MANSON Their shared aversion to sunlight augurs well for long, romantic idylls in hotel rooms. On the other hand, if she really wanted to remake Beetlejuice, she could’ve by now.

Odds: 2,000 to 1

THE GUY IN THE CORRS Their kids would — of course — be stunning. Still, being ”the plain one” at family gatherings would suck.

Odds: 150 to 1

EVAN AND JARON If Ryder wants to work through the entire pool of available applicants, she’ll need to start doubling up at some point — and why not with these upstart dreamboats?

Odds: 450 to 1

BILLY BOB THORNTON He’s cutting an album, so, technically, he’s rock-star material. And she could steal him away the way Angelina Jolie stole Girl, Interrupted.

Odds: 50 to 1

THOM YORKE She’s already had rock’s foremost ”Loser.” Can its preeminent ”Creep” be next?

Odds: 45 to 1

ONE OF THE OLD 97’S What better way to make Adams green after their inevitable split than taking up with one of Whiskeytown’s old alt-country rivals?

Odds: 30 to 1

MATTHEW SWEET He once wrote a song called ”Winona”; since seeing Autumn in New York, though, he’s been claiming he really wrote it about Wynonna Judd.

Odds: Even

STEPHEN MALKMUS Like many a naive girl before her, Winona is bound to believe she’ll be the one to get the indie rocker to write sonnets to her instead of Yul Brynner.