Before there was an 'Urban Dictionary'

By EW Staff
Updated March 02, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

— J. Load (v.) To exploit one’s assets and butt everyone else out of the limelight (as with a top-selling album and movie, as well as spots on MTV’s Super Bowl special, SNL, and possibly Court TV); to be omnipresent.

— XFL (n.) Extreme failure; a flop.

— Mandy Candy (n.) Any breathing male within licking range of Temptation Island vixen Mandy Lauderdale.

— Ben’s Afflection (n.) A chronic inability to hang on to a primo babe (Gwyneth, Shoshanna, Famke, et al).

— Eminelton (n.) A bizarre hybrid of celebrity musicians who are painfully conflicted about sexual-identity issues.

— Wonder Ploys (n.) The unsuccessful efforts of a film to garner top Oscar nominations, despite its strong reviews and multiple theatrical releases.

Adam Bluestein and I.W. Nicholson