Watch Jerri and Dirk brave the dangers of postfame dating, says Kristen Baldwin

By Kristen Baldwin
Updated February 26, 2001 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Manthey: Monty Brinton/CBS

”Survivor” stars guest on ”Blind Date”

It must be hard being a reality TV star — especially during the lonely, frightening withdrawal period when all the cameras go away and the ready made fame begins to disappear. Luckily for the ever growing crowd of metacelebrities, there is an endless supply of media outlets itching to exploit the losers from ”dramality” land (including

One such show is ”Blind Date,” which has several reality show themed episodes this week. It’s a perfect fit, because ”Blind Date” revels in awkwardness, and nothing’s more awkward than watching wannabe famous people attempt to extend their time in the spotlight. Herewith, a preview of the action for the week of Feb. 26. (”Blind Date” is syndicated, so check local listings for times.)

”Big Brother” Josh Souza, the runner up from CBS’ bore- o- rama summer series, makes his inauspicious return to the tube. He’s set up on a date with Lea, an aspiring actress (read: she does community theater) who — surprise! — hasn’t seen ”Big Brother.” While this is a completely tame date, free of any acrimony or chemistry, it’s well worth watching, thanks to hilarious cartoons from the ”Blind Date” producers, including a tasteless but genius rendering of Josh’s one legged ”BB” castmate Eddie. Fun fact: Josh’s idea of a perfect weekend includes camping on the beach. Sad fact: I’ll never be able to unlearn that information.

”Survivor” First up, Dirk Been from Pulau Tiga. You might remember Dirk as the gawky, skinny, Bible beater who annoyed his tribemates with his endless proselytizing. Well, in a shocking twist, Dirk — who’s relocated to L.A., natch — is now a gawky, geeky, pretty fly for a white guy B boy with tragic sideburns, Coke bottle glasses, and the tendency to sprinkle his speech with phrases like ”aiiight” and ”fo’ real.” And yes, he’s still a proud virgin. A talkative, domineering, self absorbed virgin. Not to give away too much of his blind date, but it’s likely he’ll be staying that way for a while.

”Survivor” 2 Australian Outback villainess Jerri Manthey (the actress) turns up to go on a date with Kirk, a do’ rag wearing, ponytailed bartender. She doesn’t exhibit much more warmth than she has this season on ”Survivor” (”I don’t have too many friends out here,” she confesses to Kirk), but once the drinking begins, Jerri rapidly starts reconsidering forming a one night alliance with her new acquaintance. In fact, most of the segment features shot after shot of the two of them getting tanked and giving each other tongue. (Perhaps this bodes well for her Outback pal Colby.) All in all, ”Blind Date” is ickier than watching a software publisher murder a wild boar.

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