Magazines for the young'uns

By Clarissa Cruz
Updated February 23, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Fashionistas-in-training rejoice! With magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue crowding the newsstands with editions aimed at younger readers — and ELLE GIRL debuting in August — stylish adolescents won’t need to filch their older sisters’ mags any longer. Here’s how to make sense of the new wave of teen editorial.

Clarissa Cruz

Teen Vogue

What It Is Vogue for the Heathers set, with the Vogue View, Talking Fashion, and People Are Talking About sections of its chichi parent

Target Audience High schoolers who think a Dries Van Noten slip dress is a steal because it’s ”simple, elegant, and only $250”

Story Line ”He’s Not an Airhead, But Ashton Kutcher Plays One on TV”

Unofficial Mascots Party-girl debs Paris and Nicky Hilton


What It Is No handbook for aspiring Lolitas, CosmoGIRL! is feistier and — dare we say? — more empowering than its sexed-up older sister.

Target Audience Girls who are crushing on Justin and want to learn how to make their own lip gloss

Story Line ”My Acne Medication Made Me Suicidal”

Unofficial Mascots Mandy Moore

Teen Beat/Tiger Beat

What It Is Revamped since Primedia bought the pair in 1998, the mags feature actual interviews (instead of clip jobs) and higher quality photos.

Target Audience TRL stalwarts who consider the Backstreet Boys’ baby pictures with fun facts required reading

Story LineTeen Beat Gets ‘Ntimate With ‘N Sync!”

Unofficial Mascots Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen