By EW Staff
Updated February 23, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

”Y’think it’s too early for me to hit on Nicole Kidman? I figured I’d buy her a couple of drinks at our next Scientology mixer.” David Letterman on Late Show

”You know, I’m still 29 in Guam.” Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), on her 30th birthday, on Friends

”If I knew why straight guys do anything, do you think I’d be hanging out with you two homos?” Grace (Debra Messing), after Jack (Sean Hayes) asked why straight guys watch basketball, on Will & Grace

”Vietnam was a mistake. Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane was a mistake. Having a pinball come out of my a– was not a mistake.” Hunter (Irene Molloy), objecting to her image on a pinball machine, on Grosse Pointe

”Clinton left the White House with all the class of an XFL halftime show.” Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect