Plus, Carrie Fisher scripts a third ''If These Walls Could Talk,'' and more

By Lynette Rice
Updated February 19, 2001 at 12:00 PM EST
Ananda Lewis: F. Scott Schafer/Corbis Outline

LADIES IN WAITING Oprah’s not looking to step down for at least three more years, but two talk show hopefuls are already vying for her daytime crown this fall. Self empowerment guru Iyanla Vanzant will make her debut on some of the same ABC owned and operated stations that run Winfrey, who first introduced Vanzant to television audiences. ”Right now [daytime audiences] are into personal development and that’s what Iyanla is into,” says Katz TV Group VP Bill Carroll.

But don’t rule out MTV personality Ananda Lewis, whose new talk show — like Winfrey’s — is produced by King World. Lewis will show up on some WB and NBC stations (where, incidentally, another daytime throne could be up for grabs if syndie powerhouse Rosie O’Donnell bows out after next season). Says Carroll: ”King World is looking for Oprah’s potential replacement, and [Ananda] could be a younger Oprah.”

TRIUMPH OF THE PILL If these walls could talk, they’d be dishin’ about sexuality. At least, that’s the topic behind HBO’s third installment of the racy telefilm franchise that depicts residents of one home tackling the same topic throughout history (previous issues were abortion and homosexuality). HBO says the project from veteran ”Walls” producers Suzanne and Jennifer Todd is still in the development stages — no airdate’s been set — but Carrie Fisher is already chatting up her third of the trilogy.

”My story’s about the pill and how it affected the sexual revolution,” says Fisher of her script, set in the ’60s. ”Did you know that when the pill first came out you had to get a prescription and you had to be married? Isn’t that bizarre?” Not as bizarre as Sharon Stone doing the hibidy dipidy with Ellen DeGeneres in ”If These Walls Could Talk 2.”

REALITY REDUX Expect the broadcast nets to keep it real for at least three more seasons. CBS has already closed deals for ”Survivor” 3 and 4: Scouts are already surveying potential sites in Africa, Asia, and South America. The Eye will also launch a second ”Big Brother” this summer, but with a new producer to insure that we’ll see more Will Mega types and fewer Chicken Georges.

ABC may dig up a sequel to ”The Mole,” which is currently giving the net double digit boosts in 18 to 34 despite zero buzz, and Fox will likely be seduced into bringing back the infidelity festival ”Temptation Island.” Says a network exec, ”This being an extremely hot genre that appeals to a younger demo” — combined with the looming writers’ strike — will push some of these shows into an early pickup.”