Taking a tour through Drea de Matteo's NYC clothing boutique

By EW Staff
Updated February 16, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

You may not want to take fashion cues from The Sopranos moll Adriana, but advice from the actress who plays her, Drea de Matteo, is an offer you shouldn’t refuse. A self-described ”clothes whore,” de Matteo is co-owner of NYC’s vintage-meets-chic boutique Filth*Mart. Over the past three years, the shop has become a hit with starlets like Liv Tyler and Tori Spelling, who both shelled out up to $500 for rhinestone-studded rock tees. Sarah Jessica Parker sported one on Sex and the City, while Jay-Z celebrates the shop’s low-slung jeans in ”I Just Wanna Love U.” ”We started out as the place people didn’t want to tell their friends about because they wanted to be the only ones who had our stuff,” says de Matteo. ”But slowly, word’s gotten out.” Ironically, the actress’ duds have yet to grace The Sopranos. ”The wardrobe girl just bought [rock] T-shirts for Meadow [Jamie-Lynn Sigler], but she didn’t buy them from me,” says de Matteo. ”I have to say, that p—es me off.”