By EW Staff
February 16, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

The Eyes of Tammy Faye Documentary (Universal, PG-13) The filmmakers stay faithful to their oft-weeping, occasionally revelatory subject. B+

Cherry Falls Brittany Murphy (USA, R) If David Lynch made a slasher movie it would resemble this eminently quotable, devilish comedy. A-

Disney’s The Kid Bruce Willis (Walt Disney, PG) Willis is deft in this midlife-crisis farce, close in spirit to Big and other body-switching comedies. B+

Coming Up

Beautiful (Columbia TriStar, PG-13) Pageant contestant Minnie Driver plods and pranks her way through spackled faces, big hair, and, yes, fire batons.

Humanite (Fox Lorber, unrated) This enigmatic, controversial 1999 Cannes golden child features a world-weary lawman in the throes of love and death.

Michael Jordan to the Max (Fox, unrated) Straight from the IMAX screen, the (now smaller-than-life) king of both the court and NikeTown razzles and dazzles.

Nurse Betty (USA, R) Renée Zellweger stars in Neil LaBute’s dark comedy about two hitmen, a drug dealer, his wife, and her wannabe lover.

The Watcher (Universal, R) James Spader (good cop) and Keanu Reeves (bad killer) face off in this voyeuristic thriller.