Radiohead, Jennifer Lopez, and others take their sounds online

By EW Staff
Updated February 13, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Lopez: Tony Duran/Corbis Outline

While there will always be artists like the Dave Matthews Band to take a new single straight to Napster (in part because they’re signed to BMG, which is owned by Napster ally Bertelsmann), don’t expect to see Christina Aguilera Unlimited available via subscription anytime soon.

And even though songs from the artists in our lineup can probably be found on Napster, you’ll still want to find out what No Doubt puts on their custom radio station, catch the music video history of Janet Jackson, or stay old school and get the latest from They Might Be Giants delivered directly into your telephone.

The following is an excerpt from EW Internet’s Spring Music Preview. To see the Preview in its entirety, see the Feb. 9, 2001, issue of EW with the special EWI insert.


WHAT Rough ‘n’ tumble rapper Kurupt gives up his rhymes in ”Game Is Game,” which <a href=""'s Stan Savage calls ''one nasty track.'' Lynne Cheney, cover your ears. WHEN March WHERE

WHAT Five Radiohead songs recorded live in London and Copenhagen — no ”Kid A”ing. WHEN Through February WHERE

WHAT Jennifer Lopez’s love don’t cost a thing, and neither does this video stream of her TRL Super Bowl performance of her next single, ”Play.” Also, check out the album version, which will be dropping as an audio stream. WHEN Through February WHERE

WHAT Queen of Pop Janet Jackson goes hog wild with this online escapade, offering music video history, archived live performances, and content synched with her special, which will run simultaneously on MTV. ”Pretty much everything we do now is a marriage between the Web and the network,” says a spokesman for MTVi. WHEN March and April WHERE

WHAT Go mad but go South Southwest with webcasts from SXSW’s annual film, interactive, and music fests. WHEN March WHERE


WHAT Ricky Martin might have performed at the inaugural, but Enrique Iglesias is surfin’ la vida loca with his own radio stream. WHEN Through February WHERE

WHAT Bring your own peyote to an interview with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, who helped bring 30 hours of Doors tunes to light through Bright Midnight Records. WHEN March 9 WHERE

WHAT Maybe this interview with the band Weezer will explain why their latest alterna guitar riffs took five years to record. WHEN Feb. 2 WHERE

WHAT Elusive, metal loving trip hopper Tricky shakes off any residual millennium tension by offering his new single, ”Crazy Claws,” from his upcoming EP, Mission Accomplished. WHEN March WHERE

WHAT Find out if that’s really Nicole Kidman singing, with soundtrack cuts from such films as Josie and the Pussycats, Moulin Rouge, and Rock Star. WHEN March WHERE

WHAT What would you say? to the first single, ”I Did It,” from the new Dave Matthews Band album, along with exclusive in studio footage? It’s all part of the plan to ”build up some buzz,” says Geordie Wilson, product manager for Microsoft’s Digital Media Division. WHEN Through February WHERE

What LeAnn Rimes lets her voice soar at the Music in High Places series in Chichén Itzá, Mexico. WHEN February WHERE


WHAT Pavement’s intellectually inspired singer and guitarist Stephen Malkmus discusses his slanted and enchanted solo career in this interview. WHEN Feb. 16 WHERE

WHAT And the war begins. Vote for your favorite U2 anthem, and the winner will become available for download. WHEN Through mid May WHERE

WHAT Learn the true meaning of baduizm: See an exclusive video interview with Erykah Badu. She’ll riff on her love of playing live and raising a son with OutKast member Dre. WHEN Starting Feb. 5 WHERE

WHAT Surrender yourself to an exclusive video interview with the Chemical Brothers. The duo talk about their college days, and the state of their medium today. WHEN March WHERE

WHAT Elvis lives — online! He and other oldies but goodies (Slayer, Funkadelic) keep the groovy train alive on Queens of the Stone Age Radio. WHEN February WHERE

WHAT Strap on your Vans, grab a board, and pop Tony Hawk into the PS2 — the official Warped Tour site is relaunching with all new photos, downloads, and videos. ”We want to try and make the buzzword convergence a reality. There’s definitely a point where you can say there’s an online experience and an offline experience, and the two can intersect in so many different ways,” says LAUNCH senior VP Ted Mico. WHEN March WHERE