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In the latest Hollywood spin on Andy Warhol’s tirelessly referenced prophecy on media proliferation, a pair of thickly accented foreign badasses go on a camcorder toting killing spree around Manhattan, hoping to get rich and infamous by selling their recorded exploits to a tabloid TV show. It’s up to flashy homicide detective Eddie Flemming (De Niro) and an earnest young arson investigator (Burns) to save the world from the two deadly press whores. ”We live in an age when even nutcases can become celebrities,” says Herzfeld (”2 Days in the Valley”). ”There’s no end to our thirst for notoriety.”

And that wasn’t the only thirst Herzfeld encountered. Shooting a crucial chase scene on one of New York’s hottest days ever gave the crew 15 minutes of heatstroke. ”It was 106 degrees and I’m asking Robert De Niro to run full speed down Madison Avenue, gun drawn, dodging cars.” Fortunately, Madison Avenue didn’t seem to mind. ”Bob is like the king of New York,” says Kanakaredes, who plays his TV reporter love interest. ”Maybe that’s why I had to change my outfit like 700 times before I met him the first time.”

15 Minutes
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