All the President's Books

By Erin Podolsky
Updated February 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Its highlights included The Book of Execution, Baseball Jokes and Riddles, and Pronounce It Perfectly in English. Nonfiction best-sellers in The New York Times? Reading list for a bizarre new course at Harvard? Nope. Try George W. Bush’s personal Wish List, which was posted on — for a few days, anyway. Masterminded by the cheeky subversives at the webzine Modern Humorist (and still available at, the fake list came with comments purportedly written by Bush. (On Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit, by Al Gore: ”Psych! Don’t really buy this for me. It sux!!”) It was removed from Amazon Jan. 19, shortly after the final ”entry” (the videotape Mr. Holland’s Opus) was added. Blame the takedown on a nervous home office. Says company spokesman Bill Curry: ”It was very funny. Too bad it wasn’t legitimate.”