Freud would be proud: Website animations of celebrity dreams

By Noah Robischon
Updated February 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Analyze this: Ron Howard dreams of an actor with an ”a– the size of an ice cream truck.” You could ask Dr. Drew what it means, or see for yourself Feb. 5 when the website debuts an animated short detailing one of the Grinch director’s more memorable dreams.

The site, which inherited the concept after’s canceled launch, plans to upload the animated dreams of Drew Barrymore, Matthew McConaughey, Noah Wyle, and Steve Martin in coming months. For now, it offers the nocturnal notions of a certain DreamWorker: After a live cameo, a cartoon Steven Spielberg eats his way through an endless buffet. But in the end, he discovers he’s ingesting … himself. (How Hannibal!)

Howard’s comic narrative is even harder to decipher: When two actors balk at stripping for a steamy love scene, Howard doffs his own duds. The gorgeous stars finally oblige, only to reveal monstrously bodacious assets. The director tells EW that he hasn’t tried to translate this one: ”I’m kind of afraid to.” (He says it may stem from his anxiety over 1991’s Backdraft, which includes the graphic coupling of William Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh.) Though he hasn’t had this dream in quite a while, Howard says he still has his share of worries. ”When you’re directing a film, it feels like final-exam week for the entire four months.” Sounds like the beginning of a whole new nightmare.