How to track down the band online

By Ann Limpert
February 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Although Coldplay’s album Parachutes is quadruple platinum in their native U.K., American fans have only recently caught on to the quartet’s reflective ballads (like the single ”Yellow”). To build a Stateside following, the Net-savvy folks at Capitol Records decided to get big-time creative with their online marketing tactics. Fans can now …

— Head to, where they can stream Parachutes using the Coldplayer software.

— Check out Amazon and for live, downloadable versions of ”Shiver” and ”Yellow.”

— Visit the band’s official site ( and read journal entries from the road.

— Stick Parachutes in their CD-ROM drives, then go to Hollywood- for owners-only access to special goodies like un- released photos and live footage.