Before there was an 'Urban Dictionary'

By EW Staff
Updated February 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

— ZETA-JONESIN’ (n.) The uncontrollable urge to wed, and bear the child of, a much older Hollywood star.

— COX-ARQUETTE SYNDROME (n.) The tendency of hot babes to rescind hyphenation to goofy guys.

— FREAKY-STILES (v.) To reinforce a negative stereotype by being the only white dancer and the only bad dancer in a movie (see Julia in Save the Last Dance).

— GO BENICIO (v.) To make a sudden jump from indie character actor to superstar by mysteriously appearing in every good movie in a given season (à la Del Toro in Traffic, The Pledge, and Snatch); to simultaneously achieve celebrity and overexposure.

— SODERBERGHENFREUDE (n.) The not-sad, not-happy feeling arising from exceeding the annual quota of critically acclaimed films, effectively scotching one’s chances for a Best Director Oscar.

Adam Bluestein and I.W. Nicholson