Plus, plans for a ''Blue Streak'' sequel

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
Updated February 06, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Warren Beatty: Bill Davila/Retna
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A PAT ANSWER PMK publicity maven Pat Kingsley recently sent a memo to journalists in defense of client Warren Beatty and his involvement with New Line’s long delayed ”Town and Country,” the budget of which is reported to have crept toward $90 million. ”Warren Beatty was in no way responsible for any cost increases whatsoever,” she writes, continuing, ”He signed on to do ‘Town and Country’ as a hired actor with no responsibility for production, writing, or directorial decisions. He has…meticulously avoided making any demands regarding the casting, production, and distribution of the movie.”

However, Beatty has apparently made strong suggestions in terms of editing: In December, the actor spent several weeks cutting his own version of the movie; he also worked on developing a voiceover for his character. New Line is sticking to the original cut of the film, the release date of which has reportedly been bumped — no exaggeration — 12 times. ”Town and Country” is currently scheduled to open on April 20.

FURTHERMORE Blue Streak screenwriter Steve Carpenter has just handed in a script for the sequel, which will reteam director Les Mayfield and Martin Lawrence. ”If the first one was ‘cop for a day,’ this is ‘spy for a day,’ with Martin getting drafted by the CIA,” says producer Toby Jaffe, who hopes the Columbia project will go in September…. Ben Stiller may play a cowboy in ”Bullrider,” a Paramount drama set in the Texas rodeo world. Based on an idea by producer Christine Peters and written by Peter James Cooper, ”Bullrider” should be ready to shoot before the June 30 SAG strike deadline.

Blue Streak

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