The Detroit rap posse cashes in on a Shady deal

By EW Staff
February 02, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
D12: Danny Clinch

If Eminem is a modern day corollary to ”A Clockwork Orange”’s Alex, get ready to meet his droogs: D12 (a.k.a. the Dirty Dozen, a.k.a. the Detroit 12), five Motor City guttersnipes who knew the REAL Slim Shady back in the day. ”We grew up together, started the group together,” says lead rapper Proof, 25. ”Em made a pact with us that if any one of us [got successful], that individual would come back and get the group.”

Eminem, who still counts himself a member, proved as good as his word, helping his homeys get a record deal and producing much of their upcoming debut, ”Devil’s Night.” If it’s possible, ”our politics are a little more incorrect than Eminem’s,” boasts Proof. ”Our motto is ‘We don’t give a f— about nothin’ at all.”’ D12’s first single, ”Purple Pills,” is due in February. Parents, consider yourselves warned.