By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated January 31, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
  • Movie

As jokey and blowsy about female stereotypes as ”The Wedding Planner” is clueless and prim, Sugar & Spice isn’t a well shaped movie, but it’s fun in its raunchy unwieldiness. Marley Shelton stars as Diane, captain of the cheerleading ”A Squad” (”Cheerleaders kick!” is their dim rallying cry), girlfriend of star quarterback Jack (James Marsden) — and knocked up unwed teen. Thrown out by her parents and living with Jack in frilly penury, she needs money, pronto.

Her girl power solution: Rob a bank. In preparation, the A Squad studies videos of ”Dog Day Afternoon” and ”Reservoir Dogs”; one rebellious teammate (Mena Suvari) also gets professional advice from her mama (Sean Young!), who’s doing time in jail. Finally the cheerleaders, resplendent in American flag capes and Betty masks, enact their own white chick version of ”Set It Off.”

Australian first time feature director Francine McDougall offers a definite sense of style bright colors, widescreen format — but also an inconsistent sense of what’s funny about the ”Bonnie without Clyde” lives of perpetually peppy, gun toting high school girls in a post Columbine world.

Sugar & Spice

  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 76 minutes
  • Francine McDougall